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Mattia Galiano

Mattia Galiano

 Head Chef and Owner

Mattia's career began in Scalea, small town in Calabria in Southern Italy. As a boy, he was passionate about cooking. He 

graduated from Culinary School in Praia a Mare, while working in local restaurants and hotels.


At the young age of 16, he was already the sous chef at the hotel Parco Dei Principi of Scalea. Throughout his career there, he learned from many great chefs from the southern coast of Italy, as well as professors of the culinary school he attended. This experience he gained was priceless to his career. 


When he graduated, he moved to Rome, where he worked for one of the best restaurants on Via Vittorio Veneto in the heart of the Eternal City. A few years later, he moved back to Calabria and began his career as Executive Chef at one of the best hotels in Scalea: The San Domenico Club Residence. This was an important experience for him and after some time, he decided to move to America where he brought his talent to many restaurants in San Francisco.

It has always been his dream to share and show everyone his talent and passion for Italian food. He has worked hard and is proud to do this at Tre Monti, bringing a little taste of Italy here to you.

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